Entirely located in a huge green space and encompassed with the rare well-aired atmosphere and positive energy of a 5-star resort, Essensia Sky - the very first high-grade twin condo tower in the Essensia Saigon South complex of Dragon City was designed by Tange Associates (Japan). Inspired by the original art of living and the most famous philosophies about happiness in the world, this is a blessed land with pure nature to start a joyful life

Each home in Essensia Sky is like an aerial villa. Excellent health care facilities at your doorstep with modern technology, connecting with the international community of residents at Dragon City, bring a healthy, private, high-class, nature-friendly living space with worthwhile experiences.

Essensia Sky is located in the heart of Saigon South, a prime location in terms of feng shui and convenient for transportation, and enjoys rare privileges thanks to its thorough planning and complete infrastructure:

  • Located along the North-South-Nguyen Huu Tho road, which connects the western provinces, and only 15 minutes from the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Only 3 minutes to Nguyen Van Linh Avenue and the Phu My Hung urban area, which is home to the expatriate and highly educated communities.
  • Linking RMIT University, Ton Duc Thang, Saigon South International School (USA), BVIS International School (UK), Kinder World (USA-Singalien), Japanese, Korean, Taipei; FV hospital, Tam Duc heart hospital, polyclinics, Lotte supermarket, Vivocity, Crescent Mall, GO... and a full range of financial-banking, shopping, and entertainment amenities within a 2-kilometer radius.

In the future, the Dragon City urban area, in which Essensia Sky is located, will increasingly develop through the planning of a synchronous and modern transport system in Ho Chi Minh City, namely: Metro line 4, the overpass at Nguyen Van Linh-Nguyen Huu Tho intersection, and so on.

More than just a simple greeting, Aloha bears a meaning of love, kindness, respect and compassion to nature, humans and the universe.

Essensia Sky, filled up with open, pure and natural air as well as excellent healthcare facilities, arouses a happy spirit of Aloha in each of its residents. It ramps up the operation and management of a children’s playground, a meditation garden, a sports field, a library, a high-class gym and spa, a family doctor’s clinic, a Constellation infinity pool, an aerial walking bridge, and many more to meet the ultimate demands of its residents. In the utility areas, there are also separated function rooms aimed at health care for residents, such as hot mineral pools, traditional medicine rehabilitation rooms, saunas, etc., providing integrated therapies to boost up the immunity and fitness for all residents.

The tower is entirely covered with environment – friendly paint, and the drainage system is designed and operated for the maximized protection of residents’ health. Public areas in Essensia Sky are equipped with air purification systems, automatic disinfection devices, “touchless” technology, solar power lights, automatic delivery areas, and many more. Thanks to that, the residents are assured of living happily and healthy every day.

These are the acts of respect and kindness to all beings, living close to nature and loving people.

Joie de vivre is bound to enjoy small happiness in this busy life. At Essensia Sky, the commercial area, the lobby, the walking paths, the bicycle paths, and the community areas are always filled with the spirit of joie de vivre, sparking small happiness and positive energy for you to chat with friends, talk to your neighbors or simply to enjoy your own happiness. Cherishing even the simplest joys is the secret to a happy life.

According to the philosophy of Lagom (Sweden), happiness is to live with just enough. Essensia Sky is designed deliberately to achieve enough living space. There are only 6–10 units per level, with a 1.8 meters wide common hallway. Essensia Sky’s apartments are designed separately, luxuriously and smartly, without dead corners, with 2–4 sides of ventilation, letting light and direct wind into the living corner, like an aerial villa. Each apartment is basically completed with a minimum ceiling height of 2.9 meters, a separate loggia, and a system of up-to-the-ceiling glass doors in order to create the ultimate outlook to the landscape of Saigon South eco-area and the opulence for homeowners.

Essensia Sky is a substantial place to begin a balanced, healthy and happy life as in the Swedes’ philosophy of Lagom.

Treasuring family traditions, friendships, community connections, romantic love and the concentration on tasty and healthy food are keys to lead a sweet life as La Dolce Vita of the Italians. For some people, La Dolce Vita is an idea. At Essensia Sky Sky, a living space rich of culture, picturesque nature and a connective community are wonderful materials for a La Dolce Vita life.

According to the philosophy of Hygge (Danish), happiness is living in a cozy house with nice weather, feeling the exquisite beauty of the interior, enjoying delicious food, and being with loved ones. Essensia Sky apartments, with low construction density and high privacy, are the place to mark the most comfortable, warmest, and happy family moments.

Despite its location on the main road Nguyen Huu Tho, Essensia Sky remains a distance from the boulevard by green parks, waterfalls, and flower gardens. These have ensured the place with pleasant, natural fresh air, as well as an escape from the noise of traffic and the rushing life out there.

The Essensia Sky Sky twin condo towers with 424 apartments and penthouses have an area of 74m2 – 347m2, designed by Tange Associates (Japan) in harmony, meticulous, bold minimalism, and increased openness. The building’s architectural design is a smooth mix of Japanese aesthetic elements and oriental culture. That does not only create beautiful comfortable living space with wondrous natural landscape, but also build up a complex with full life dignity and satisfactory experiences for all residents – a place where grandparents, parents live healthy lives and children are brought up wholeheartedly.


FLOOR PLAN (3A - 23)

15 - 16 FLOOR PLAN





Not only inheriting all the existing quintessence of the Saigon South area, the project is also the first step of a high-class apartment complex developed for human health and happiness named Essensia Sky, designed according to the criteria of sustainability, combating climate change, using recycled materials, being environmentally friendly, and bringing nature into every corner of life, along with health care and rehabilitation services as well as a diet with organic food for all generations in your family. Let us start a bright future, a healthy and cozy life in the midst of nature since today with Essensia Sky.

Developer Phu Long has been in operation for nearly 20 years, pioneering the potential of dormant lands to become green, civilized, and modern cities; creating works of timeless value; comfortable living spaces, culture, security, and environmental friendliness; and contributing to changing the face of urban areas, tourism, and commercial infrastructure, bringing sustainable added value for investors and customers.

As a real estate corporation operating in accordance with sustainable business standards in the world, Phu Long continues to expand its field of activity and invest in developing smart cities and luxury resorts in major cities and famous tourist destinations in Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Da Nang, and Phu Quoc.

Dragon city

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Evason Ana Mandara - Cam Ranh

Furama resort Đa Nang

Alongside Phu Long are reputable and experienced international consultants such as Surbana (Singapore), Tange (Japan), and SCI-LAB (Thailand). Essensia Sky South Saigon is developed according to the highest standards in planning and design towards nature so that each future resident can fully enjoy the ideal living space, outstanding security, and worthwhile experiences on the good lands-where life is joyful every day.

Km10 + 600, Thang Long Avenue, An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Ha Noi


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